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Music in the bank but good news in Waterstones

For some time there has been piped music even in the bank, oddly enough - well, Lloyds Bank anyway. Not in every branch. But it eventually becomes annoying and is not conducive to transacting business. But the management says they haven't had any more complaints or comments about it. Well, most people wouldn't bother to complain would they? The staff of course are not allowed to express their personal comments.

However, good news re. Waterstones book stores, where the staff can - it seems - comment. I have been on three of their stores lately (two of them in Birmingham) and the music is no more! I have spoken about it to the staff and those, at least, are blessedly relieved and were not fearful of saying so either - at least to me. A few years ago Waterstones started piped music, but it was of the gentle reflective sort you could browse to, mostly. But then it grew to being more of the pop, and more rhythmic, and more and more annoying for such a book store. I believe the music is at the discretion of each store manager in Waterstones - but not sure of this.

Raymond Cox